Behind every business there is a story, and Devon Trice Public Relations is no exception to
the rules.


Born from a passion for mental wellbeing, combined with a love of the media, Devon
Trice Public Relations brings a creative spark and sustained impact to the PR table. 

For 25 years, Devon Trice Public Relations founder, Natalie Trice, has worked with brands
including Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Earthwatch,
Betty Crocker, TM Lewin, Sense, Harley Street Fertility Clinic, Talented Ladies Club and
many more. 

From Tom and Jerry launches on Red Square, to James Cameron premieres,  touring
Europe and hanging out at media parts across the world with some amazing contacts,
she's been there, done that, got the t-shirts, as well as the awards and the coverage.  

Today, however, Natalie represents brands and experts in the mental wellbeing world, something as an author, coach, mother and charity founder she is passion. Even before the global pandemic, Natalie was acutely aware that mental health was at crisis point, but knows that today more needs to be done to ensure people have access to the information and support they need, and her work allows for this to happen. 


She uses her extensive experience, excellent long term contacts and lightning speed action to ensure clients are in front of the right people, at the right time, and, just an importantly to ensure mental wellbeing is seen and heard in the media 

Natalie knows what the media are looking for, but she also knows that PR is an investment that must align with business objectives and goals, and when that happens, she knows that sustained results and ongoing impact are seen. 

Working on retained accounts, as well as one off campaigns and projects, at Devon Trice Public Relations a first class service is offered to not only clients but also members of the media who trust Natalie to deliver excellent stories, on tight deadlines, all with a smile and calm demeanour. 


Not shy of being in the limelight, Natalie is often seen in the national press and on TV, and is a regular contributor to Metro, Health & Wellbeing, WeAreTheCity, Natural Health, and Female First, generally talking about mental wellbeing, business or PR. So when it comes to doing her own PR, she walks the walk, talks the talk and never asks a client to do anything she wouldn't. 

As well as being a well respected PR professional, Natalie is an author of three books, an ICF accredited career coach and the founder of DDH UK, a charity that supports thousands of people around the world dealing with hip dysplasia. She is a member of the Women in PR committee, she has been part of the mentor mentoring team at the University of Westminster and is a guest lecturer at Plymouth University and the University of Leeds. 

Recent achievements that give Natalie the industry stamp of appoval, include: 


  • Most Influential Women in PR Coaching 2021

  • Hip Legend for Global Contributions to DDH Health

  • 2020 Positivity Award 2020 from Women in Business

  • Most Influential Women in PR Coaching 2020

  • One of 50 Global Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020 by 

  • Listed as one of the top women in media by About Time Magazine in 2019


Based in Devon, when the Devon Trice Public Relations OOO is on, you will find Natalie on

the beach with her family or in the surf with her dogs. 

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